Dear Chhewang N. Lama,
I have long returned home from the September travels I enjoyed with your staff and arrangements. I want to thank you specifically for how you handled a very challenging medical situation with my family.
You never hesitated, and rather insisted on taking us to a clinic to receive the best medical attention in Katmandu, before our journey began.

 Your patience with our temporary illness and acclimitization was incredible. You continued to rearrange our travel schedule, hotels and services to accomodate us, including suggestions of alternative trips and local sites to keep us engaged in what we'd come to do, which was visit Nepal!

Unfortunately, my brother was not able to continue with me to do our delayed trek. All through this difficulty, you were available, finding ways and gestures to adapt the trip.

I can't thank you enough for your kindness and carefulness. In the end I went with your guides who were superb and understanding that I needed support to do the trip without my brother.

The guides, the delayed trip, the rearrangements were handled so smoothly You provided more than reliable service, you are compassionate and caring.

With so much gratitude,

- Susan Berman

  • Taos, NM, USA