About Us

Responsible Treks is a local travel company based in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal. The organization was founded by a group of individual’s from Nyinba-Humla with a passion to develop and share their homelands & mountain regions. Their innovative spirit and passion for adventure is professionally complemented by meticulous research & planning along with their 15 yrs industry experience.


Nepal is widely recognized for Mount Everest & the Annapurna region however here at Responsible Treks we appreciate how much more there is to this beautiful land. We pride ourselves on taking our global clients into the more unexplored regions where beauty; diversity & tranquility still exist. Adventure is inherent in these places where far from the beaten track, hidden within the Himalayas we invite you to explore the delights of Karnali, travelling via Limi to Mt Kailash, Dolpo, Rara; api & Saipal, the Tibetan Plateau & the jungles of Bardia.

Foundation & Ethos:

At Responsible Treks we share an abiding passion for our homeland; while growing up we listened with great admiration to the tales & songs of our forefathers, who by foot & horseback followed the ancient salt trading routes across the Himalayan sub-continent. It was this allure of discovery that fired our imagination & propelled us to act, thus founding Responsible Treks in Dec 2009.
With passion; field expertise and intimate local knowledge we come together to offer you an opportunity to travel within the remote regions of this country whilst providing support to the people that need it most. SNV (a Dutch International Development Organization) estimates that less than 1% of tourism revenues in Nepal actually reach the most in-need & remote rural areas; a statistic which we are committed to improving.

Our mission is to promote responsible travel as we care about the environment. We are serious about preserving and promoting local cultures. Most importantly we work directly with the host communities ensuring that tourism benefits everyone.


At Responsible Treks we strive to occupy the position of being the preferred partner for responsible travel within the hidden Himalayas; we work hard to promote a harmonious relationship between tourism whilst supporting our local communities. Our professionalism is underlined by a deep sense of responsibility towards the clients we serve and the communities in which we live. With partners in numerous tourist organizations we ensure our code of practice meets with International standards.

Responsible Treks is Travelife partner, having met their sustainability criteria

Responsible Treks have also been audited and coached by the CBI export coaching program, from 2014 to 2018. This is a scheme associated with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote trade between Europe and entrepreneurs in developing countries, which has enabled us to enhance the efficiency, professionalism and services offered to their valuable clients.

Leadership & Safety:

Ensuring your health and safety is our priority; all our trek leaders are qualified mountain guides with field experience. Our staff are trained in essential first aid and insurance covered; they carry mobile phones to ensure & maintain communication with Headquarters (Kathmandu). With personal welfare in mind Responsible Treks requires its clients to have proper insurance protection to cover them for the duration of their trip (i.e. to cover against cancellations, accidents, health emergencies, evacuation and loss, theft or damage to baggage and personal effects).

High Standards:

We believe it is our service & flexibility that makes our customers return. In knowing the importance of comfort we try to ensure our accommodation occupies the best hotels available whilst maintaining the balance with authentic local charm. Where facilities are limited, we select accommodation according to location, hygiene & waste. We believe tourism is an opportunity to proactively protect & further develop our rich cultural heritage and awareness. At Responsible Treks we thrive on sharing our knowledge & passion for Nepal; working tirelessly to ensure the travel experience is meaningful to both the visitor and host.

Namaste & Tashi Delek. we look forward to welcoming you to Himalayas !!!